Sunday, October 14, 2007

Best weather - marathon

I went out for a walk. The weather invited me. It is marathon time in Munich. What an atmosphere. "Run, run", this is the mantra for the marathoners, tall, small, old, young. It seems as if everybody is running. The spectators were good, too. They screamed, beat drums and other instruments.

The body is used for a mental exercise. That's what I think is marathon. And back I am to my "new" interest: the mind.

How do I train the mind:

I use it to remember things. In the last years I had to remember a lot due to the accounting test.

I try to focus the mind. When I do Ashtanga yoga I want to focus on the breath or the drishti or whatsoever. Doing meditation I want to calm down the mind, away from distraction, mental movies, thoughts. Those who try this, know how difficult this can be.

In general it is an exercise to lead the mind and not to be lead by its whims. The untrained mind is very whimsical, at least mine. Not to be a victim of the mind, but to use it as wished, that's the effort to be done. I suspect that this is a never ending task, like yoga.


Kevin said...

42km of Ujayi breathing!

Ursula said...

Many runners really had to fight. I admired them. Some were about 60. Incredible.