Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yoga means to learn being attentive

Three times E. asked me if I will go out for breakfast with him tomorrow morning while we were at the nice Thai restaurant. I agreed.

I know it that he needs my conversation, my attention, my crazy ideas and optimism at the moment.

I will give it to him and it will be a pleassure for me. I will be attentive and this half an hour breakfast will make his entire day a nice one.

That's yoga, what else?

Oh, yes I will get up early, if necessary I would get up at 3 in the morning, but this is not necessary. I will find the time to sit in the morning. Zazen is for me. And in the evening I will go to B., Mysore class. Good night.


gartenfische said...

"Yoga means to learn being attentive."

I love this title. Yes, I am also trying to learn to be more attentive. To be right here as much as possible (not off in my head!).

Ursula said...

Yes I think it is so important:

to be attentive who practices next to me, perhaps I cannot stretch my arms to the sides, to be attentive to my own body, so that I do not injure me and so on.