Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekend started at the stones

It was crowded there. I found a little space for me to sit and to start my weekend quietly.

It will be busy the weekend, we will drive to my parents home. My mother has her birthday. I hope she will like the gifts, I ordered also flowers and she loved flowers.

On Sunday at 6 p.m. we will have to be back at Munich's airport. E. will fly to Sweden for a week, a business trip.

Lunch time with my colleague on the bench was nice. No problem to find subjects to talk about: accounting, education of children (he has 2 girls), travelling, the 70s and so on. He met his wife with 16 and they stayed together. It was a relaxing lunch break.

And now I hope that boyfriend will come home soon. He is already on his way home. He at least told me this, but it can always happen that he will meet someone, then it will take longer till I will sit in the Indian restaurant round the corner. Hungry I am.


Tracy said...

Is your Mothers Birthday tomorrow?
If so...her and I share the same birthday! Have a wonderful, relaxing evening and weekend!


Ursula said...

Hi Tracy, my mother's birthday is on Monday.

Oh, you have your birthday tomorrow,that pleases me,then I have a reason to get up tomorrow to write you an email.

Best wishes. Ursula