Sunday, September 02, 2007

A walk to the steps this morning

I stopped my yoga practice today after a few surya namaskaras. Perhaps later I will try it again. It's like a pain killer for my back and lower arm. But somehow I missed energy.

I woke up at 5 this morning without an alarm clock and I got up. I wrote my morning pages.

Then I did Zazen. But I felt again somehow tired. My eye lids got heavy and heavier. I went to bed again. An hour later I got up again and tried to practice. I'll take a day off today, I thought (moon day).

The wish came up to go out for a walk. I went to the steps. Only one woman was sitting there. Unfortunately I hadn't my blanket with me and the stones were too cold to sit down. There I stood then enjoying the early morning. I will go again to the steps. Now, soon. It's so nice there. It's almost a fall day, sunny, fresh, quite as it is Sunday. But I'll take my blanket with me this time.

Pain is still there (upper back and lower arm) and this drives me crazy. It's slightly better, but still awful. I think I should stop writing about it. I should suffer in silence.


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, what bad consequences would follow if you took a week or two off to let your back injury heal?

Ursula said...

Firstly I would have more pain, yoga relaxes my body.

Back would heal more slowly, movement is the best therapy.

Why should I stop with yoga and sit on the sofa only, yoga is not the cause. My office job is the cause for the tension in my back and my pain. I'd prefer to take a few days off, but this is not possible. My job is my existence, so it is.

I don't know why everybody wants sme to stop yoga practice. It helps to relax, it is not the cause and I take it easy. I do what is possible.

gartenfische said...

You know your body and what you need, and it seems you're being sensible by being very gentle with the practice and not pushing.

I don't know if this will help you at all, but after I rearranged my desk/monitor/chair it helped a lot. Here's a link, in case it will help:

Ursula said...

Thank you very much gartenfische. I surely will check your recommended webside this evening.
Now I don't have time anymore, but I wanted to answer quickly.

I already changed something. I put the mouse closer to me. I always to stretch. It was too far away from me.

I plan to take breaks today and to move during the breaks.

Best wishes for you.


The Mindbender said...


If everyone is advising you to take a break from yoga, maybe you should listen. It doesn't sound like your injury comes from sitting fom 8 hours. Sharp, acute pain usually comes from the wrong movement and to be honest, from what you write, I think you just push yourself too hard. Movement is not always the best therapy: ask any osteopath or PT.

I know it upsets you when we tell you these things: maybe this is the time to ask yourself: WHY?