Saturday, September 01, 2007

Swimming (sauna inclusivly) or the other way round

I was swimming today. What an adventure. How nice to move myself in that water. At first I swam with the head above the water, but soon I wanted to get faster, so I put my head under the water when I stretched my arms forward. I guess this swimming activity was good for my back.

After my swimming adventure I went to the sauna. How relaxing. At first it was only hot, I forgot how hot it can be in such a sauna room. Then I felt how pearls of sweat were rolling down my back. I started sweating everywhere. Was that nice and relaxing. It was for my back. It helped.


Tracy said...

I am SO happy to hear that you had a wonderful swim and sauna! That was so good for your body and mind and YOU!!! Enjoy your time you have Monday as Holiday too?
OM Shanti my friend~
Be well~

Ursula said...

Yes, it was very good Tracy. To swim alone was perfect. To be in a hot sauna and to do nothing else but to relax was wonderful, too. In addition my back feels so much better now.

I swore I will do this more often.

Unfortunately we have to work on Monday.

I hope you are well, too.


Kevin said...

Glad you are feeling better. Swimming is good for bad backs.Though Cristina's thumbs did great things for my back this morning.