Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Suddenly ....

....I see that some of my acknowledged successes in my life could only establish because at a certain point of my life I started to deny myself. This creates pain not only for me alone.

My friend A. told me yesterday: you must function, this is important. This made me laugh. Yes, I function.

I want to do yoga all the time. But this is a misunderstanding of the whole thing. Yoga prepares for life. It might be life itself, but not only, there is more than Ashtanga yoga.

"The world exists to be seen and discovered," this wonderful title I found in the book by Desikachar "The heart of yoga". This sentence shall guide me for a while now.

My post seems to be heavy, but it isn't. I feel good, even adventurous. I like to go to work tomorrow. I'm looking forward to my vacation with E. next week, we will fly to Mallorca, Spain. I'm still curious about so many things. I only hope that my back doesn't hurt tomorrow. I want to practice. Good night.

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Tracy said...

My Positive thoghts are with you my friend...
I hope your back will be better too! And ahve a most glorious time with E in Sapin!
Tracy xo