Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So powerful

3 people we were today at the Mysore class: the woman from Japan, a man from Poland and me. I like it to practice next to M. We have the same speed and the same attitude.

I had power today, I was attentive, but no mercy. I did what was possible and I think this was a lot. I was also very happy with the progress in urdhva dhanurasana. It was so good. Yeah.

My little excursion yesterday showed me that life can only be lived, not dreamed. Even modest events are better than a dreamed live. There is no such think like a dreamed life. No daydreaming today, they just didn't appear in the mind. I'm detached.
I had a very good working day. I was concentrated, worked on "problems". I was present.

And now I have 45 min for my evening routine.


Arturo said...

Hi Ursula
Are you doing your meditation practice before doing the yoga in the morning?

Ursula said...

Hi Arturo,

yes, I do meditation practice before I do Ashtange. That's why I do not sit in lotus position anymore. My body is still stiff and I don't want to be distracted by a body that feels uneasy. I think meditation is a mental exercise. I sit on the floor my legs are bended but they do not lay on each other.

For me it is better before doing Ashtanga, because after my yoga practice hectic starts already. I'm still working.