Sunday, September 30, 2007

Slow and steady

After a break it is almost not possible not to be a bit overstretched after the first practice. I was so attentive and careful when I restarted, but fact is I was a bit overstretched today. Not much, but a bit. I practiced carefully today as well. I saw that only my fingertips could touch the floor when I did the first surya namaskara a. More was not possible. But during the practice I got better.

It was so much more important to me not to injure myself again. I also wanted to stay on the mat. And I stayed. I did breaks from time to time, then I concentrated on my breath, but I remained on the mat.

I thought that I wanted to keep my body as long as possible as beautiful as it is now. This is always a great motivation for me.

I'm glad and content that I had such a good practice. I feel relaxed, very relaxed.

Zazen: It's easier to do it earlier in the morning. I changed the sitting position 2 times today. Lotus pose supports the back, it's the most perfect pose for this activity (or passivity?). Today it was more an activity: too much movement. I thought: when will it be over? when will it be over? Today I didn't get the calm out of it as usual. Next time perhaps again. Tomorrow I will sit again at 5: 20 a.m. Then I will be much more quiet than at 9:30.

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Kevin said...

Zazen- Claire M said once she can tell how concentrated students yoga is going to be by the amount they wriggle and fidget during the initial Pranayama before her classes!