Saturday, September 01, 2007

Pain free after yoga

It was a very slow practice with belly chaturanga dandasana. It's scarcley explainable, but I cannot hold chaturanga dandasana anymore for the time being.

Nice was I didn't make a difference between the asanas. I loved them all. It was not, oh no garbha pindasana now, or oh yeah marichyasana b now. I enjoyed all these postures how they appeared in the series. Not a single one was omitted today. I needed a lot of breaks, but I also held the asanas rather long. I had the time.

It was not strength building today.
It was not that I improved my flexibility today.
It was an average Saturday morning practice. How nice that I can appreciate how it was.

Zazen: Great, too. In the early morning the atmosphere is still quite. And there I sat reflecting about questions of life. No scratching happens anymore, I can hold the body almost quiet. It's wonderful.

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