Monday, September 03, 2007

OK, no yoga for a few days

I will get up at 5, but I won't practice. This is an exercise, it shows flexibility. I will read some inspiring books and of course I will blog about it.

Back still hurts, lower arm, too. Perhaps the back has another cause than the arm. The arm hurts perhaps, because I had to enter too many data. The back perhaps hurts because I changed something when I do chaturanga dandasana. I try to keep the soles of my feet parallel to the floor when I go down. Yes this is new, I remembered this during work. Other muscles than usual are needed, perhaps????

I will meditate in the morning, but tomorrow morning, on Wednesday morning and Thursday morning I won't practice. I will go to the Mysore class on Wednesday evening. On Friday morning I will practice again. Let's see how I will feel then.

I have so dear readers. Thank you for caring so much.

Oh it will be such a difficult task not to practice. How shall I manage this? I really don't know. It will be hard.


magallanica said...

Why not intuitive movement?
Why not waiting for the body to tell you how to move and how far? Just flowing.

Why not restorative yoga?
Why not choosing the most relieving asanas you know and make them even slower, even more conscious, pure self love, like cuddling a baby?

I fear the longing for practice will make you feel deprived, anxious, tense, guilty, fearful of losing track.

Why not going a step further into movement meditation?

You are such a wonderful disciplined person.
You decide, you act on, you are faithful and honest.
Trust your body, trust its divine wisdom. Movement can be rest, too. Mind is the obstacle, not muscles.
When you seek it, you cannot find it. Allow, rather than push yourself or resist what shows up.
Pain is a kind messenger.

Whith much love,

Ursula said...

Dear Paz, how I like your comment.

I will reread your comment tomorrow morning and then I will roll out my mat and I will listen to my body. No ambition,I do not have to proove anything. Self love, yes. I like your words so much. That's what I will do tomorrow. Thank you so much.