Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oh, she has a wish

My mother has a wish for her birthday, that's great, an exception. She wants mixtures of spices from one of the most famous chefs of Germany.

I walked downtown this morning to one of his famous shops. These shops are no shops, they are churches. Reverently the clients, dressed in expensive tissue, admire the mixtures of spices. Even the shop was crowded, it was absolutely silent. I found the spices for my mother. And then I really laughed out loud. I couldn't hold me back. There were in one of the shelves little bags with sex spices. I thought: Who is so (fill in the word by yourself) to fall into such a trap. Now I know at least 1 person, who fell in.......iiiii.

Sex spices, the mixture, here it is: sweet pepper, curcuma, cinnamon, garlic, cardamon, chillies, coriander, ginger, leaves of roses, vanilla. (It fits to all meals!?!)

This Mr Schubeck is a damned good sales person.


cranky housefrau said...

that is so funny!

eeyore said...

would only the french laundry put some in the clafouti...i might get lucky