Sunday, September 16, 2007

A last check

No checking of the stat counter for a week (till Friday evening) from now on. It showed already compulsive signs, so it's difficult not to check.

I know people, who cannot work anymore because of such ticks. They are leaving their homes i.e. and then they think: perhaps I have forgotten to switch off the light, they return. Then they think: the oven, I have to check, if it is still on. My friend, a therapist told me once about a client, who couldn't go to work anymore, because they couldn't stop checking, whatever.

I think every activity that is done automatically on a daily basis or even more often is worth to be watched closer. So let's see what happens when I do not check the stat counter. Let me see what happens, when I get control over this habit.

The weather: Hot it was, summer came back. Walked around with sandals.

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