Thursday, September 20, 2007

It is.... if I have no influence at all on nothing . Why do I not give up then. All efforts - during years - all in vain. All battles were lost before they have already started.

I go out now - a Tango party is round the corner.


Wayne said...

Why so sad?

Ursula said...

Oh Wayne, you are so sensitive. Thank you. I don't know, it's more inside me than an outside event.

Do you still practice? I think so, otherwise you wouldn't read Ashtanga blogs.:)

Tracy said...

Nothing that is done with love and effort is ever in vain~
Always remember that my friend!
Here if you need to talk~

Ursula said...

Dear Tracy, I'm only a bit too attentive to everything. That's all. It all sounds worse than it is. A lot of reflection at the time. This brings me a bit out of balance. It's all managable. I'm so extroverted. Sorry. I express everything at once.