Monday, September 24, 2007

Incredible bad practice :)

It was incredible bad my practice today. So bad, that I thought this cannot be true:
I had pulled the lower left back last week, on Friday, it was while bending forward into utthita parsvottanasana. Now it hurts. In addition I was too long in the car without any movement in the last 2 days. Perhaps it was also the glass of wine that I had during lunch time yesterday. Too much food perhaps? But I gained only a little bit weight. I checked it this morning. It was painful today. 40 minutes I stayed on the mat, I practiced very slowly, I had to.

To know the reasons might help to avoid injuries or bad practices. But they will occur, also when I know all the reasons.

I gain knowledge on bad practices:
-Most important, nothing remains for ever. After some bad practiced good ones follow sooner or later.
-It can be learned to accept it, to feel mercy with the own inabilities.
-Injuries occur, after 2 days it gets worse, and then slowly they disappear.

I stayed on my mat during the length of my practice. Of course I could curse, because I felt pain. I focused on my breath and on my attitude: accept what is, I told me. I also had no choice than to think so.
No led class for me this evening. My body needs very soft treatment now.

Zazen: I need this watch. 2 times I looked at my little arm watch. It's 2 times too often.

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