Thursday, September 20, 2007

I start the day when it is dark

I practiced this morning (like every day). Breaks happened(on the mat) , I filled them with breathing on the mat.

Yoga is a concentration exercise for me at the moment.

I'm very thin now, this improves my yoga. I was careful today. I felt that my body needed an easier practice. Back bending today.

Zazen: Yes, this I did, too, and it was good, too. Yesterday I finally ordered this meditation watch. I don't want to look at my watch at least one time during my sitting session. I can scarcely read my watch anymore. Looking at it interrupts me in my sitting activity.

To be in the present, that's my credo for today.

The weather: it can be described in one word: it's cold here.


Kevin said...

Don't get too thin. You need good food to give you energy for Ashtanga

Ursula said...

I ate a chocolate for dinner today. This will show an effect. I lost weight, but I feel still strong.