Sunday, September 09, 2007

The holy Ashtanga practice

The break of almost a week could be felt. I'm cool now, I do not judge the stiffness, so glad that I can be on my mat again without pain.

So many breaks were made today. I think I needed half an hour only for the surya namaskaras, not because the body was weak, but the mind was distracted. The mind is the child.

Then, suddenly I was again on my mat, with the body and the mind. It was because I loved the poses. It felt good to do trikonasana, it felt good to do parivritta parsva konasana, it felt good to do prasarita padottanasana. Even the mind liked it. So I went from asana to asana after the first difficulties and I found flow. Yes, after the suryas flow was there again, what a joy.

I finished the session with a long savasana, enjoyed this pose, too.

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