Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I stayed on the mat this morning. Breaks were taken on the mat. Focus is more and more important. Life takes place on the mat when I practice.

Led class yesterday: The beautiful Japanese woman put her mat next to mine. We know each other from Mysore class. I meet her everywhere. I guess we have the same addiction. She is very focused on her practice, it's nice to see it. Usually she practices very slowly, she told me. On my right side practiced a man, ambitious, too. The class started, B. explained some basics to the beginners, while he was exercising asanas from the second series. This is impolite, but he might feel inner forces to do these asanas. I know him from other classes, he does not know the sequence of the first series. There are different sorts of ambition. I feel it, he will stop doing Ashtanga.

My utthita hasta padangusthasana was so stable yesterday. I didn't move at all, I held the positions during 5 breathes, eyes were focused, bandhas used, breath very deep. And this happened while I was standing between all these wobbling beginners. I stood like a column, as if nothing can shatter me. This Ashtanga practice is an adventure.

Zazen: Wonderful. I sat quite this morning, relaxed, stories came up, but this is part of the game, I guess. To stay so quite, to try to observe only and doing nothing can influence my life. Yes, please.

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