Saturday, September 08, 2007

The body loved it

Ashtanga: I haven't gained weight during my break, I was able to start again, I also haven't forgotten the sequence of the asanas.

I was a bit stiff, I was a bit weak. As usual I needed some breaks. The body loved it to be moved and stretched. That's what I know now. The body wants it.

Zazen: Did I write in my last post that Zazen is sitting? It was sitting and suddenly I noticed that my hand warmed my cold feet. Is that part of Zazen, too? A lot of mental activities could be observed, too. And..........faster than I thought, 20 min were over again.

I have to pick me up where I am.
It makes no sense to go to station b in order to pick me up, when I'm still at station a.
I will never reach station b, when I await me already at station b, while I'm still at station a.
This might be embarrassing. But better to pick me up at station a, than to wait in vain at station b. This is important for all areas of my life.

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