Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Always the same stories

I arrived at work. Then it is the custom to go from office to office to greet the colleagues, who are already in. Big boss wanted me to stop at his office, he wanted to talk to me. By the way he is a very good boss, he has a lot of expertise, helps whereever he can. He was not sure if I was able to do the job. I was very astonished. It came out that a colleague has complained about me. I shall not be willing to do the stuff of former years. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I listened, I asked questions and I did not forget to mention that I do not feel the slightest resistance to do any work. Why should I? Where is the difference when I work on the year 2006 or 2007. I asked who complained about me, but I didn't get an answer on that question. I suspect it was my colleague, who sits in my room.

On my desk again I was very sad and disappointed.
And now I'm sad and disappointed that such a story can have such an influence on me. hahaha. (Sadness has also a certain beauty.) Why not staying cool? Fact is this event has also advantages. It's easier now to be detached to that job. Will I stay there forever? I'm so self-confident to say that I make mistakes like everybody, but in sum I deliver good work. Why is always someone at the office who is complaining about me a hierachy up? And I have to justify myself somehow and I am with the back (with my back, that still hurts) pressed against the wall. This I ask myself.

The day is over. I was concentrated on my work, I was productive. I was the last who went, but I'm also the last, who comes due to my spiritual exercises at home.

The story is perhaps a sign to stay attentive, what happens around me. I decided to see it this way.

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