Friday, September 14, 2007

Action in the kitchen, or what has to be done must be done

I attacked the laundry the dishes, the dust and and and and. No discussion. I started and I can see first results. I have a break now. I limited the cleaning time, because I know that I'm more effective when time is limited.

And all this after a really crazy day. Today I stood in front of the office and then I noticed that I had forgotten my purse with the entrance key. This meant I couldn't go in, in order to work. Firstly I had to found someone to open the door. It turned out to be funny, because I met colleagues in another floor and they told me that it will cost 0,50 Euro. I have to fill in a form and the boss has to sign it. As if I have nothing else to do.

I had no money for lunch, so I stayed at the office and I thought: why to be dependant from eating. So I ate a banana and stayed at the office during lunch time. I found out that it is not necessary to eat. hahaha.

Another colleague lent me some money so that I could buy me a ticket for the subway.

My plan for tomorrow (already mentioned in an earlier blog): Tomorrow I want to stay on my mat, breaks are only allowed on the mat. Oh, how awful I am to myself, no walking around tomorrow, no looking into the mirror, only concentrated practice on my black mat. Yes.

Time to go on.

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