Monday, September 03, 2007

45 min of flow

I had 45 wonderful minutes on my mat, spent with the familiar 1st Ashtanga series. Careful I was, attentive I was and I focused on the breath.

From time to time I thought of my caring readers: this is good for me I thought. Not to do yoga would mean to move almost not at all. I feel better now. Yes, shocked this morning, because pain was back. After yoga it is better. The warm water of the shower relaxed the body as well.

But back to my wonderful practice this morning: I cannot imagine a better start of a new week. No highlights can be reported. An average practice, but as I was so concentrated and mentally on my mat it wasn't perhaps so average. Then I had to stop, I needed time for the closing sequence and a relaxing savasana.

Zazen: I forgot what had happened. Hahaha. But I did it, this I can remember.


magallanica said...

Dear Ursula,
You MUSTn'T stop your practice unless your body tells you so.
I think the only way to get better is to trust body intuition.
I went through decades of eating disorders, orthorexia, fitness obsession and chronic autoimmune disorders and postraumatic stress and I finally found pain was all in my mind, in my thinking.
I admire your commitment to practice, I can relate to it, I enjoy (in a MUDITA way) your progresses and reliefs.
I would never dare to tell you waht to do or stop doing.

Yesterday I overwhelmed you with a bunch of links.
Lets simplify them all and wrap them in the most useful one:

(these 2 link pieces must go together)

This changed my whole life.

With much love


Anonymous said...

Better to take time off from yoga.
And more difficult.