Friday, August 10, 2007

What a surprise

I survived the office week. On the picture you can see an office still lives. Oh, how nice, my office still lives.

Bf changed his mind and he wanted to go out to an Italian restaurant this evening. It was planned to stay at home. He knew it, but he didn't tell me. Friends were waiting there. For me it was a surprise, a very nice one. I like to meet people. I like people, that's it. I had a wonderful evening, I probably talked too much as usual. So am I. Each time when I meet these friends, I have a new job. This was the case this time as well. We laughed. "I'm glad", I said, "I just began the job, so I'm still happy."

And I just checked my left hip. It's so much better. I'm looking forward to my practice tomorrow.

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