Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Flow and focus

Ashtanga: I had my routine break after the first suryas. It's a bad habit. After the first suryas I always take a break. Then I found focus and flow in the second series.

A wonderful practice: It is important not to eat too much the evening before a practice, that's what I found out. A light body supports the practice, the flexibility of the body. I even lifted my body up into urdhva dhanurasana and I could stretch my arms.

Zazen is wonderful, too, even though I'm dreaming all the time. I ask me if I'm at least dreaming consciously. I cannot answer the question. This may change within the 20 min, sometimes I'm conscious, sometimes I'm only dreaming.

If I only had so much consequence in other areas of my life, too. My critical mind never sleeps.

Oh, and tomorrow we have a banking holiday here. tralalitralala.

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Kevin said...

Another holiday! Think I will change my passport!

I practised this morning at 6.30am, no energy!