Thursday, August 23, 2007

But now it is enough

It was noticed yesterday, that I lost some kilos or pounds. My yogi friends think I'm thin enough now. Fact is, a thinner body is easier to move, twists are easier and the vinyasas are easier to perform, too. I eat well of course. But today I have no breakfast at home, as I forgot to go shopping after work yesterday.

I thought of my wonderful Mysore style practice, while I was alone on my mat this morning. It was so good. Usually I practice on the side, close to the door. Yesterday I put my mat in the middle of the room. I had an Ashtangi yogi on my right side and an Ashtangi yogi on my left side. I was in other words the filling of the sandwich. Energy left, energy right. I'm sure that this was one of the reasons I came so easy, light-hearted through the practice, with many highlights (wrists were hold in mari c and d i.e.).

Back to my practice this morning. Wonderful, too. I'm slow for the time being. It's more quality than quantity.

I can't believe it but I want to sit longer in Zazen. Time flies when I sit. What happened?

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