Sunday, July 08, 2007

Marienplatz, at the well

Boyfriend:" This must be them."

And he was right. We met C.K. (No sleep till Mysore) and her friends with the nice 2 boys downtown Munich. They are all so very nice people and we had a very entertaining afternoon in one of the cafes downtown.

It seems to be obvious that some of the Germans like to take a sun-bath naked. Walking through the English garden, our American friends saw a lot of naked people. I know that this is not allowed in America, but here nobody feels bothered. You are free to do what you like.

Of course yoga was a topic: After 10 years it gets easier, I learned from C.K. This encourages me. 4 years are already over. Haha. And I know now also how to use the Mala. The end of the mala wanders in direction to the body. When it is reached again with the fingers, the mala wanders the other way round again. I must try it. What a good idea to call me for a meeting.

C.K., I wish you a very nice trip to India. I'm very pleased that we met here in Munich. And I hope it was not the last time that we've met.

I forgot to take some pictures. So life was more exciting than documenting it.

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