Monday, July 02, 2007

I practiced

I don't know how I managed it to practice, but I practiced. It was a calm exercise on my mat today. As usual the body was stiff in the beginning, but soon it got bendier. Breath was with me. Because I practiced so slowly I only came to mari d. Then I did split pose with a belt while laying on the floor. I know that a good split pose helps a lot doing pincha mayurasana. Halasana, matsyasana and savasana. The end.

That was my practice this morning. I know that there will come times where I have more time. I want to add pranayama, but it is just not possible in the morning.

It's raining here and I have to fight for my working contract today.
And now I will wake up my dear boyfriend. Perhaps some kisses make him want to get up????

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