Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm done and happy

Second series today: The standing sequence I did with the CD by Sharath. Then I went on on my own. Only my hearable breath was with me. I collapsed when it came to bekasana. Power faded. I went on slowly till eda pada sirsasana. It was a great practice.

The series are a challenge, but would I be interested in it if it were easy. I don't believe it. I need something to bite on. With yoga I have enough to bite. I had the feeling today that I need another 10 years to be able to do the second series. When I thought this, I was shocked.

Tuesday today, only Tuesday. I have to write another bill now. I want money, cash, flees, mice.


CJ said...

I feel your pain...only tuesday.

Tracy said...

well ursula~you are up on me...I think it will take me at least 10 years just to perfect primary!
thats the truth by the way!!
but...i have time...still a young 45~!~

Ursula said...

Oh cj, you understood these 2 words. Heavy words, but I accomplished a lot today.

Ursula said...

Hi Tracy, I think I have time, too, at least sometimes I think so. I'm already 48. It's young, I know. My grandma passed away when she was 103. When I become as old as she did, not half of my life is over. And my life gets better and better as I have not so much time for troubles anymore.