Sunday, May 27, 2007

My selfmade bag

This is a selfmade bag, the front side and the back side. It is made of Japaneese silk. This bag, as it is, exists only once in this world.


Tracy said...

Oh that is ADORABLE! friends call me the "Imelda Marcos" of handbags....Now you see my addiction! If ever you decide to make another..please think of me. So Cute!!! And the colors are all my most favorites~as you can see from my blog~!~
Happy Sunday!

Yogamum said...

That's beautiful! You are very talented!

eeyore said...

ursula i love you. if you smoke weed(as i do) and loook at your silk handbags they will appear as little stuart little-sized beds, with headboards. just at least squint your eyes and see what i mean.

this approach works on that crazy gunter grass trans. of the yoga sutra, too.

Ursula said...

Oh, you all like my bag, that's nice. I don't know if I'm talented, but I knitted a lot in my life.

Regarding smoking grass: I know what you mean. I had to test a lot in my life as I studied sociology. I wanted to say someday "nothing human is strange to me." Yes this bag reminds me of a time where I smoked.

skelly said...

That really is a beautiful bag, have you thought of having a little ebay shop

Ursula said...

Hi Skelly, thanks that you like that bag, too. I have an Ebay shop, but it is impossible to sell such bags on Ebay.

People on Ebay want to make a bargain.

The silk for this bag was more than 40 USDollars. It needs more than 8 hours to knit it. In case I want 20 Euro per hour (and this is not much) the bag would cost more than 200,- USD.

That's not a price anybody would pay on Ebay.

To produce things on your own is fun and then you really have something beautifully, but it is not a business.

But I'm glad you like my bag.

Yogini said...

wonderful colours and so cute handbag! lucky you with all your talants!

Tracy said...

Don't sell on Ebay...check this site out!! I sold my wristlets on this site and have purchased wonderful things. They are all artists! You will have MUCH better luck here~

Ursula said...

Wuah, that's a great site. So beautiful things on it. I start buying at once instead of selling. Thanks Tracy, very very nice.


Tracy said...

I bought this last night for my husband for Fathers Day!
I think it looks like him~ the face!!

Ursula said...

That's funnny. Creative people are gathered on that site. I like it very much.