Wednesday, February 07, 2007

On my practice on Wednesday morning

I was 10 minutes too late on my mat. It was already 7:10 a.m. When I got up I had the feeling that it was today that I felt the intensive practice from Monday evening. I felt a little bit sore.

I decided to take it easy today. I thought of a few surya namaskaras. I was stiff, but they felt good and after a short while I didn't feel anymore that my body was slightly overstretched.

Unfortunately my nose was clogged. Breathing was not so easy. Every day is something else. I realized how helpful a good breath is. An intensive breath makes half of a good practice.

A few forward bends like janu sirsanana a and paschimottanasana, marichyasana A were performed. Then sirsasana, halasana and padmasana. Savasana. This was it. It was all very quite, my mind became quite, too. Relaxing.

Of course I think now, that it would be good to add an intensive practice in the evening, but I can really decide this later. A long working day awaits me. Breath by breath I'm likely to do it through this day, too.

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