Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Half an hour

Half an hour to fill with meaning. Almost impossible.

I asked me, if I'd write down 5 things of my life that I haven't mention yet, if I would then hide more, confuse more or expose more. To confuse would be good.

1. I know how to drive a Harley Davidson, I have a driver's licence for motorcycles (Ohhhh).
I would not drive anymore - too afraid. I cling to my life. I want to go to work tomorrow morning - healthy.

2. Bukowski was one of my favourite writers (not because of his sex stories), but because he wrote that not for everybody the American dream can became true (for those who do not know what the American dream is: from dish washer to millionaire). The postman is an excellent book.

Nowadays I'm not sure anymore, if this is right - perhaps the American dream can become true for everybody. Human beings must be so smart to fulfill the needs/wishes for everybody.

3. I'd appreciate it very much, if my brother (see picture, we both in younger years), wouldn't be so difficult with the family and with me. It is sad, he used to be so light-hearted.

4. I like to sit/meditate near the ocean, but it is not necessary to jump in.
Enough, enough. Many things have changed. I write something down and at the same moment I'd like to write the opposite or something else.

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