Sunday, January 14, 2007

With 220 kmh (130 mph) to the airport

At 5:30 we had to leave the house to be on time at the airport. E. is always late and in the last second he still has to look for something. Today it was the winter shoes he was searching for as he is flying to Portland. I showed him the pictures of Susan's blog and this convinced him to take the winter shoes to Portland.

Late as ever we finally had to hurry. E. drove. At the autobahn I saw that he drove 200 kmh.
I asked him: How many miles per hour is it? I want to write in my blog that you drive that fast.
To drive that fast is only possible in Germany. In all other European countries is a speed limit.
He: It is 125 mph.
Then I noticed that he pushed the accelerator pedal again. I checked the km indicator. It showed 220 km.
He: Now you can write that we drove 130 mph.
Me: I could have written that we drove 130 mph, even though you weren't driven that fast.

I only saw a smile on his face. He loves it to drive fast.

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Archiwei said...

I like this story. All happiness in your heart.