Sunday, January 14, 2007

What for a nice practice

Oh, to start was more than difficult. It took me more than 1 hour to do the first step. I feared my mat like the devil the holy water.

But finally I rolled out my mat and I practiced. I had a private lesson with Sharath - means I switched on his CD and it was perfect. I went into the asanas with 1 breath as counted. Breath was even and rhythmic, bandhas were used. I was in the flow. Wonderful.

After the standing sequence I practiced with music as I wanted to do the second series. It was good, too. I did all the vinyasas, I sweated, but I went on without interruption. I went a little bit further than usual. I tried tittibasana. It was nothing. But only through practice I will learn it. Ashtanga is 99% practice I've heard somewhere. When I have too much respect for the single asanas I will never progress. And today was such a day where I was adventurous.

I practiced the closing sequence again according the CD. I couldn't hold the headstand 15 breaths, but it was OK. It was a very concentrated practice. I loved it. At the end I put on my white jacket to keep my body warm. I relaxed in shavasana.
I know that I do the right thing when I practice yoga. It is my thing.

This was my last blog entry till Tuesday or Thursday. At 4:00 pm boss will pick me up. I will be on a business trip, destination is a little village in the middle of Germany. The trip means work, work, work. I like it when there is something to do. Of course I will travel with my yoga mat. I even have to bring my own food as the company is in a small village and there is only a bakery. I always like to meet new people, why not decide to enjoy the trip even though it starts on Sunday. And bf is already on the plane to Portland.

I forgot to write how to train the bandhas: to pee, not to pee, to pee, not to pee, to be or not to be, that is the question.

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