Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What do I know about the breath?

My focus is the breath at the moment and I see how effectful it is to breath correctly.

Difficult poses seem to be so much more attractive as a breath, because I think they can be seen. The breath can be heard and the breath can be felt. Only when it is cold the breath can be seen as well. We are so focused on seeing that a nice pose seems so much more important.

But the secret is the breath. It supports going in and out postures. It also helps to hold the postures. It is an indicator how I feel. It shows fear, well-being, it reflects all the feelings.

It exists also a breath therapy. Some people suffer from bad breath I found out today while googling breath. There exists a breath illness: asthma.

Now I find that the breath can also be exciting. When I breath udyjia breath I think of the sound of the waves in Hawai. The breath can calm me. As long as I breath I'm alive. It took me a long time to see how strong and important the breath is. It is my focus now. The breath, the secret of all the asanas.

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