Monday, January 22, 2007

The week has started

The mornings always start the night before. I went to bed on time, but couldn't sleep well. I even got up once to walk around.

This morning I had to collect myself. To get up was not that easy, but I did it. I had time for my morning pages and for a Ashtanga practice. I know it, that time is limited in the morning, but I also experienced it today. The disadvantage is that I have to practice rather fast and that I cannot do all the asanas. The advantage is that I have more focus. I do not have time for breaks, I have to go on and on.

Only to think of pindasana makes me feel out of it. This is definitely not a position, that is easy in the morning. Oh, now I remember, I forgot mari d. What a shame. How can I forget such an important asana.

The practice helped me to make the start of the day somehow satisfying. I hope everything will be so smooth today like my morning practice.

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