Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday only

Mood? Let's change the subject. World is white here in Germany, too. Even though I prefer summer time, I must admit that it looks beautifully, very beautifully. To sit on a yoga mat, looking out of the balcony doors and seeing that everything is covered with a white duvet is wonderful.

I already mentioned my yoga mat. I practiced. I switched on the radio today to better my mood. My soul should adopt the rhythm of the light music, which they are playing in the morning. I observed myself how I practiced. My body was soft. I went from one asana to the next. I found out that it is the vinyasas that make the Ashtanga series so different to the other yoga styles. Thinking of this, made it easier to perform the exhausting vinyasas :).

I must think of the French woman from the Ashtanga class last Monday. She said that in Germany very soon Ashtanga would be much more popular than now, because soon people would get to know that it would be possible to build muscles with Ashtanga. This is really a funny aspect of this spiritual practice. Ashtanga as a muscle-building spiritual practice.

It was good that I practiced. I love it. Each practice is different. It remains exciting.

I wish it were already 6 p.m.

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