Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Visualizing a new evening

I walk home. I stopped walking home because I always stay longer at work, even today. I wanted to regain these daily 15 or 20, sometimes 30 minutes and so I took the underground. It is faster than to walk. But to walk is so much better for the body and the soul. I can do some grocery shopping on my way if necessary. But no stop at the fried potatoes.

At home I throw the bag in the corner, I put my nice coat on the hanger. I undress as fast as possible and throw the clothes over a chair. Then I go to the bathroom, the shower awaits me. I have time for body care. Then I will make a tea and I will eat an apple or so. This must be enough food and drinking.

I can make a plan for the evening before I leave work. Before leaving work I use to make a plan for the next working day, I can also plan my spare time.

A great danger is that I switch on too early the PC. Blogs and Emails absorb me. This PC- activities can wait till I have finished the cup of yogini tea.

-planning the evening at work
-at home throwing the bag and the clothes in an empty corner
- activities of choice.
- 10 p.m bed

no potatoe chips, no red wine.

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