Monday, January 08, 2007

To be content is yoga - this was my lesson today

I knew that I would feel good after the led yoga class. As expected most students were beginners this evening. I'm a beginner, too, but a beginner with more than 4 years practice now. The other beginners saw the difference more than I do, because they don't know my struggles, but I do. That's all not so important.
The teacher omitted asanas and the vinyasas were only voluntarily. In my opinion we held the single asana too long. It was very hard for me to hold them so long. I don't want to imagine how hard it must have been for the others. But it doesn't matter. I think the teacher did what he could do.

In the changing room one woman started to complain: "The teacher didn't like to teach beginners. He laughed about us and so on. " I missed to say that we were all beginners and that he wouldn't like to teach at all if this was true. I only said, that I wouldn't believe it.

I got 2 adjustments. I liked them. One was in prasarita padotanasana c. My hands were pushed towards the floor. And I was helped to stand up from dhanurasana. That was perfect, because my dhanurasana felt rather good today.
Others got adjustments, too, but he was not running around giving adjustment after adjustment. The attention of the teacher was equally divided among all the students (my opinion of course). He smiled from time to time, but he didn't laugh about the students. No.

What I saw in the changing room was discontentment, complains, demands, jealousy, anger and so on. It became so clear for me: to be content is yoga. This was my lesson today.

I was often discontent with classes, too. It disturbed me a lot if only one asana were omitted in a class. It made me crazy. Now I have my self-practice and I see how difficult it is to create a perfect practice. There is not such thing like a perfect practice. To be content, that's it. That's yoga. That's what yoga contents, too. Then yoga becomes spiritual. Then it is more than leg behind the head - ohhhhh.

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