Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The third column

Most people forget what they wanted a week ago. Test it, if you do not believe it. Which asana was so important 2 weeks ago? Was it mari a,b,c or d or was it supta kurmasana?

So my third column of my writing activities (next to my 3 morning pages, and blogging) is to write down my 10 goals on a daily basis, so that I do not forget what I want. It is a repetition, not boring. Ashtanga yoga is not boring either. Repetitions help to remember and to stick to the goals or to modify it. When a goal is accomplished I substitute it with another one. Last year this helped me to pass this difficult tax test. I wrote every day: I want to pass this tax test. I will pass this tax test. And I did it. Sometimes it motivated me to go to my desk in order to study. The whole thing is perhaps a trick, but a helpful one. Some wishes, that I have are very little, but I have also very big ones, of course.

Let's start with the small ones:
Some of you went to the dentist in the last week. I admired Tim's daughter this morning. She was so brave. It will give me the courage to make this damned phone call tomorrow. I'm so afraid. I guess the dentist thinks already that I've changed the dentist. I know what he is going to do. It will be a nightmare, but I won't think about it. I will only think of the phone call tomorrow. It is important. This is let's say goal NR 1: a few new teeth, a new smile. I will buy me a beautiful smile. (It is not a beauty thing mainly, it is necessary to see the doctor. The hopefully new beauty of my teeth is only a side effect.)

Goal NR 2 is that I want to loose these damned 4 pounds. I can hear outcries already. Of course I'm slim. But I think it is not at all necessary to gain 1 or 2 pounds every 5 years. At the end (with 80 or so) it doesn't look nice anymore. I want to be a meager old lady one day. As you all know to loose some weight is not at all easy. Helpful is a deadline. Deadline is the end of January. This must be doable. I know how it is doable. I only have to do it: In the morning a fruit, salad for lunch (no bread of course), water and in the evening many things are allowed. For me it is of course vegetarian food or even better vegan food. I found this concept in the book by Allan Carr, who also wrote this very successful non-smoker book. Carr's method helped me to stop smoking. He already helped me to loose weight, when I started 7 years ago to work in the offices, which means to sit all the day. To sit in the office means that the body does not need much energy, which means not much food. 46 kg in the end of January, that's it. (I forgot to mention: in one of my former lives I was a puritan.)

There are no more body goals on my list. Yes, Ashtanga, but this is more spirituality. How good.

When I think that my main issues at the moment are if it is better to wash hair in the morning or to wash it in the evening, I can't believe it. This could be the beginning of a new.......... don't know what.

When I'm in the mood I write about goal NR 3 tomorrow in the evening.

Iyengar yoga: I called the studio today.They have new rooms now and classes at 7:30 p.m.. I can stay longer at work in order to show commitment and then I can go to a yoga class. That's what I call a compromise.

Time to go to bed. I should look for the phone number of my dentist first.

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