Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Thai massage

Perhaps I'm not the type for massages. Of course it was very pleasant to feel the hands of this young Thai lady on my body. Thai music also came out of the CD-player. But I expected something else. In the leaflet stood something about passive yoga. But what I experienced today was no passive yoga, it was pleasant (not exciting (I'm not sure if I use the right words)). Even my ears were treated. My hands were massaged, my feet. It hurt me when the fingers were pressed in my back muscles. My body jerked. It was like a shock for my muscles. Perhaps I have too much tension in my body, but I don't know and I don't believe it. The treatment of my back was not relaxing. I was laying either on my back or on my belly. Once my arms were taken back so that I had to lift up the upper body. I thought now it starts with passive yoga, but this was it with passive yoga.

It was nice. Next year, perhaps another try.

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