Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday morning practice

Motivated by the Ashtanga playground yesterday, I jumped joyfully on my mat this morning. Concentration should be on the breath.

I did almost no breaks, or should I better write, I needed almost no breaks? I couldn't go that deep into the asanas, but I performed them. I didn't omit anything, mind was calm and not judging. It was a slow practice with flow. Nothing special.

I want to complete something that I noticed yesterday while doing the surya namaskaras. I'm in uttanasana, then I inhale and lift my head and then I jump back. Here the head should remain where it is and not how I did it look down. I observed it yesterday when T. jumped back. It is just a little improvement, but it looks much more harmonious and the dristi is at once where it should be on the nose.

I finished my practice with tolasana, which I tried to hold longer than usual in order to pump as much prana in my body as possible. And then savasana. I think I deserve the last asana, too.

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