Sunday, January 07, 2007

Some figures

The first series has 69 asanas.
The second series has 78 asanas.

This alone impressed me, when I read it. Imagine 69 asanas every morning.

The surya namaskaras and standing sequence needs about 25 minutes, the closing sequence needs another 25 minutes.

The middle part of the 1st series can be done in 30 minutes, the middle part of the second series in 45 minutes.

Till now I forgot to messure the time. It is also difficult re my practice. Sometimes my practice is like salsa, sometimes it is as if I'm a grandma of 90 years. Not everytime I manage it to do all the vinyasas or asanas. But to find out what is my average time that I need for a full practice interests me.


Tim said...

I started out salsa today, ended like grandma.

Ursula said...

This rhythm I know too.Ursula