Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The shower

The business trip was an exercise in concentrating on the good events and ignoring the ugly events. I accomplished everything I wanted, I worked and worked and worked together with a very competent and professional woman. This was at least the good part of the trip.

Of course I had to start working at 8 a.m.. When we arrived at the company at 8 a.m. nobody was there. Most people start working between 8 to 9 on Monday. So we were standing there in the entrance hall drinking a cup of coffee. This was exactly my yoga time. I might be bad organised, but I'm so much better organised than most of the people I know. Not to take anything personal is an important rule at work, I think I already wrote it. So important.

Now I showered and all the dirt of the days is rinsed away.

Only this morning I did 4 surya namaskaras on my mat. I was stiff and the hotel room was not so inviting for a spiritual practice. Otherwise no yoga - only mental yoga, which means I exercised non-attachment. I'm at home again. How nice.

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