Friday, January 12, 2007

Self-fulfilling prophecy

This morning I thought that I must be tired. I had a glass of red wine, a Merlot to be more precise, yesterday, I went to bed late, my throat is a bit sore and it is Friday. So I started with very low expectations, but also with low motivation.

I sat on my mat and I was not bored. I just sat and I could sit and sit and sit. At least I wanted to do some sun salutations. I started my practice. I liked the sun salutations so much that I did much more than 5. Suddenly I liked to move my body in the familiar way. I was like a wheel that rolled down a hill, unstoppable. Breath was even and deep. Then I went on with the standing sequences, but after prasarita padotanasana the time was already over. I sat again on my mat and breathed for a while. Shall I be discontent. No, I'm not.

But I want to practice this evening for another time. It is so much more satisfying when I have all the time I need.


archiwei said...

Good to enjoy your life by what you are doing.

Ursula said...

Yes, sometimes this is possible.