Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Searching for the best morning routine

I didn't sleep well, if at all. It makes me going up the walls if I think that I have to stay longer at work without work. It is an attack on my salary. But I think my tactic was good. I was cool and I do what I want anyway. Yesterday I was looking for strategies how to use the time that I should stay longer, for myself and I've found ways to use this time reasonably. I will learn new vocabulary. I will answer my private emails, 1 day I will go to an Iyengar class. It starts at 7 p.m. So I can wait at the office pretending I'm busy.

But back to nicer things: Ashtanga yoga - my morning practice. I got up at 6 a.m. despite the lack of sleep. I rolled out my mat, I tested uttanasana and then it was clear: No practice before the black cup of coffee. I turned on the heater, it is rather cold at that time in the morning in my flat. I prepared a cup of coffee and I started writing my morning pages. Due to the events yesterday I wrote rather fast and my 3 pages were done far before 7 a.m. Then I practiced. In the meanwhile it was warm in my room.

Practice was good. I omitted a few asanas at the end. My body was not that flexible, but it was OK. The standing asanas get better and better. I had no balance in sirsasana today, but it is an important asana, so I went up and after a short moment I went down again. To sit in padmasana at the end was great, savasana was great, too.

I think this order in the morning fits better for me (coffee, morning pages, Ashtanga, quick shower, blogging, breakfast, dressing). To have the main shower in the evening changes already a lot. I feel relaxed and full of power after the evening shower. It is as if I wash all the dirt of the day away from me. I have more time for taking care for my body. I have time for special hair care and so on. This alone is already an improvement. But to get up and to start with Ashtanga is hardcore. It is nothing for me. The problem if I should practice in the dark or with light is solved as well. As I wrote my morning pages already, light is on, and I do not switch it off for my practice.

E. is still on vacation. I will meet him at lunch time. That's my highlight today.


Anonymous said...

I think today was a moon day. That would explain no balance in headstand.

Ursula said...

The moon day or perhaps the tiredness. Who knows. Ursula