Saturday, January 13, 2007

A quite satisfying practice

Due to my sore throat I didn't like to give everything, but I wanted to practice. Saturdays and Sundays are the times where I have no time pressure. Surprisingly I had a very good practice. Mind was quite, I went from asana to asana. Body was not that flexible, kurmasana and supta kurmasana was almost not possible, but who will judge me when I practice alone. Nobody. Somehow I'm proud that I jump on my mat. Times where I will be more ambitious will come again. I know me.

In my last asana I sticked out my tongue in order to heal my sore throat. This yoga pose is called "the lion".

But this practice is not supposed to be the last one. This afternoon I will go to Ashanga playground again. The focus is on bandhas and this is so important.


C.K. said...

Please tell me you are taking off at least one day a week.

Ursula said...

I take a day off when it comes naturally, i.e. when I really have no time, or when I'm seriously ill. My daily home practice is not always so intensive that I need a day off.

For me it is easier to maintain a daily routine than to have breaks and to start again.

Saturdays and Sundays are too good for me as I have all the time I want. On Friday I'm often already rather exhausted.

Thanks for caring.