Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The people I meet every day

The first person I see is my boyfriend. He is still sleeping when I wake up. He looks happy when he is sleeping.

Then I meet all the people in the underground who are on their way to work. Almost every day I think that I want to walk to work. I look into tired, unsatisfied faces. Some people are well-groomed for the job, I guess. But most people are just tired, absent. Only sometimes friendliness happens. Last week I couldn't hold me and when the underground stopped I almost fell. I could see how a man tried to hold me. Very friendly. Most of the time people walk on my shoes, they want to be the first to leave the train. Horrible.

At the office I see my new colleague now. He is friendly, interested in life. That's my new highlight. My former colleague had a poker face. It absorbed my energy somehow.

Then the boss comes in. His face always shows tension. When I see it I think at once: Ursula, relax your face.

During lunch time I go to the Schranne very often. The woman at the salad bar is so nice. She cares for me. She wants to prepare me every day another salad, it was her idea. Wonderful. "Don't eat every day the fitness salad", she said one day, "I will prepare something else without animal products."

On my way home I stop at the grocery shop. The owner is a helpful, relaxed guy, too. He offered me that when the doors are closed I could knock and then he would open his shop for me again. He knows that I always have to work longer. I told him about my absorbing working life. These shop owners are psychologists.

Later at home I meet again my boyfriend. I can observe him how he is writing his last emails. He is no more so relaxed like in the morning, but still full of power. He is never too lazy to write the last Email.

Sometimes during lunch time I meet friends. But time is too short. I get nervous, because I have to be back on time.

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