Sunday, January 28, 2007

Page 124, 5th sentence, 3 sentences

Donutszenmom makes me move.

The book I read at the moment is called Cleaver and it is by Tim Parks.

Unfortunately I noticed too late that it was page 124 that I had opened and not page 123. But I liked the quote and as I'm flexible, here it is:

"The truth was, his elder son had written, that my father seemed to fear he would cease to exist if he didn't see himself reflected in a young woman's eyes, preferably at the moment of orgasm, just as he feared he might melt into thin air if his image wasn't constantly present on the country's televisions screems. He always had at least three or for shows and documentaries on the go. It wasn't the truth at all, Cleaver protested." (Cleaver by Tim Parks, page 124)

The book is about a journalist. His elder son wrote a book. The English journalist went to Italy to reflect on his life.

A recommendation. I woke up. I'm no more tired. I will go on reading in bed.

E. called me, he wants to watch TV with me. This means I lean against him with my book, while he is watching TV. I like this. Bed you must wait.

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