Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Now I remember

I woke up 4 or 5 times in the middle of the night. It was always too early to get up. I was afraid of sleeping too long. It was my first working day today after the holidays.

I vaguely remember of a very bad practice this morning. I ran around in my flat like a crazy person not knowing what to do next afterwards. But this was in the morning.

Now I feel good. I survived the first day at the office. I had a review with the boss. My punctuality was an issue. Yes, my punctuality, not that I come too late, no, that I'm on time is the problem. To be on time is not enough. I always stay longer if there is work, if there is no work I fulfill the contract. What else do they want? That I sit around staring holes in the air. I was calm, I fought a little bit for my rights. But I know that it makes not much sense to fight seriously. We agreed that I would stay 15 minutes longer (from time to time). Fine. I did so today. At 6:07 I had the feeling that it was checked if I were still at the office. I was. Yes. I know the rules. As it is my main income source at the moment I have to show at least a certain commitment. Sure is that they want to keep me. I'm a good accountant, I know how to concentrate. And I have knowledge the other do not have. Hugh.

I was cool, so cool. I liked it how I was. Somehow I felt fresh the whole day even after six.
Another picture from Hannover.

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