Monday, January 01, 2007

No risk no fun

Happy New Year to everybody.

In Hongkong a few years ago I've learned that in order to get prosperity, luck and beauty it is necessary to caress a paunch. Perhaps this is an idea to get all what I want easily in 2007.

The list of 10 goals/wishes is written. I'm working on plans to make the things come true (in case strategy 1 does not function.) One by one I will write about it. Some years ago I discovered that I wrote in my journal "I should", when I wrote about my goals (I should improve my English, I should work more or less and so on). I don' t know how often I used this word, even though nobody told be what I should do. I substituted the word should. It became a "I want". I want to improve my French i.e. It is such an important shift. Everything feels lighter at once. Joy is added. It is a shift from duty to fun.

On the autobahn from Bamberg to Munich I found my new motto of the year: no risk no fun. I'm not yet sure if it is what I was looking for, but I will test it for a while. One thing is sure some major changes will come. I need courage.

The first change of the year starts now. I will take a bath or a shower. My main body cleaning activities will be made in the evening now. This gives me at least 15 minutes more time in the morning, which I can use for my Ashtanga practice. I have a new morning routine from now on. This is adventurous, believe me. I'm curious, how I will feel tomorrow.

At 6 a.m. or a little bit earlier, I will be on my mat. How nice.
Picture is taken in Hannover. Hannover is a wonderful city, too.

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