Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Saturday

At 1:30 p.m. I picked me up, I put my yoga clothes in my bag, I put my mat over my shoulder and up I went: Ashtanga playground downtown.

On my way to the studio I met a former colleague. I haven't seen her for a decade. I remembered her name and I called her. She was pleased to meet me, too. We talked about the past, when we both sold insurances. She wanted to drink a cup of coffee with me, but I wanted to go to the yoga class, so I said good-bye. We exchanged business cards, but I'm not really sure if we will meet again.

The yoga studio was crowded. I wondered if all these women would go to Ashtanga playground? Then a miracle must have happened. No miracle had happened. When it was my turn the woman at the reception desk told me that there is a beginners workshop today and no Ashtanga yoga. I was really friendly. I said: "Oh, yes. "She: "Yes, it is in the Internet. I will show you." It was confrontation at the first moment. It was OK for me that there was no Ashtanga class. I can even understand it. It is not such a business to occupy the only yoga room with 2 people and a teacher. But now the woman wanted to prove me that it was my stupidity to get to the studio, because I hadn't checked the Internet. And I was even more stupid than she. I started an argument and asked her if she wanted to proof me that I was wrong and she was right. Did I really had no other choice than to react like that. I had checked the Internet before I left my home. They must have corrected it later. I went. I was angry, not because I couldn't attend a yoga class (I only expected a mediocre class), but because of this stupid confrontation. On my way downtown I met the other woman, who wanted to go to the Ashtanga class. She didn't know either that there was no Ashtanga yoga today.

Munich was full of people. All busy, shopping, looking around. I was not in a shopping mood. At least I didn't like to buy clothes. I walked over the Viktualien market and I enjoyed all the food and fruits there. It looks great. I headed to the English bookstore. To buy books when I'm close to a bookstore is a reflex.

I bought:
-The Essence of Style - how the French invented high fashion, fine food, chic cafes, style, sophistication, and glamour. As a francophone, I thought this book is a must have.
- Fabulous after 50 and sexy at 60. This is more an investigation in the future.
- How the rich get thin- to know how to get thin and stay thin is always important in a society where there is too much from everything.

A few steps away from the life style corner was the spiritual corner:
There I found: Awareness - also important for someone who is seeking,
and last but not least in this bookstore: The Why are you here cafe. I liked the 3 questions:
-Why are you here? Do you fear death? Are you fulfilled?

Then I went to aran, a restaurant with very good food. It is a self-service restaurant. Finally I could order my salsa sandwich and my cappuccino with soy milk. I sat down on this high uncomfortable sitting possibility. My feet were on two wooden blocks, legs were fallen apart comfortably. I relaxed. The neighbour: You really found the right sitting position. Me: A bit insolent, isn't it? I made a gesture to show how much room I needed for my comfortable body posture. He: No, not at all. Then we talked about food. I couldn't resist to tell that I follow a vegan life style. He had to tell me that craps are only good and fresh when the veins can be seen. It was more helplessness, than arrogance. What to say to a vegan lady when it is obvious that fish is on the own plate. Then we found out that he lives in the countryside, I mentioned that I prefer to live downtown. I think we both didn't like to touch another topic. Could be again a disappointment. The golden watch on his wrist was too big to my taste, hair too grey, ego too big. It is so amazing how fast we make up our opinions on people.

I passed by another bookstore on my way home: Here I bought The elements of style - do not be astonished when my writing gets better from now on. Will write for food - another book on writing - even the bookstore owner finds this book excellent. Wherever you go there you are - a classic, a must-have, yes definitely. And The one in the mirror - see what you truly are. That was it. And all this, because there was no yoga class.

There is no yoga on the schedule anymore today . Shops are closed now. It is time to relax.

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